Justice Krever

Justice Krever

The Krever Inquiry exposed the systemic failures of the Red Cross, Health Canada, and the Federal and Provincial Governments to protect Canadians and the blood supply from tainted blood and blood products. The results were calamitous and the tainted blood crisis is our country’s largest and most tragic health crisis.

The Krever Inquiry has become the pinnacle health document on how to manage a safe blood system and we are guided by these principles: that blood is a public resource, that donors should not be paid, that Canada must take measures to increase self-sufficiency in all blood and blood products and that no part of the national blood operator’s duties should be contracted out to others.

The tainted blood crisis impacted over 30,000 Canadians when they were infected with HIV and hepatitis C due to contaminated blood and blood products. It is estimated that over 8,000 Canadians will die as a direct result of this preventable tragedy.

Justice Horace Krever’s Inquiry – The Krever Commission

The four year 17 million dollar exhaustive inquiry on how to keep Canada’s Blood System Safe: