The London Free Press: Canadian Plasma Resources plans to sue to recover $7.5M investment if proposed ban on paying for plasma passes

Posted on: August 6th, 2016 by webmaster

If Ontario’s health minister pushes through a ban on private clinics that collect blood and plasma, a GTA company says it will sue to recover nearly $7.5 million it’s already invested.

The head of Canadian Plasma Resources, Barzin Bahardoust, had hoped to avoid a legal fight, but if Deb Matthews gets her way, he said he’ll be left with no other option.

“If the bill passes in its current form, there’s not much else we can do,” Bahardoust told Sun Media.

For more than a year Matthews did little to stop Bahardoust and private investors from building two facilities in Toronto and one in Hamilton that would pay donors who gave plasma that would be used to make a range of life-saving and sustaining medications, he said.

“Most of (the investments) we could have saved if we knew a year ago.”

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