The Globe and Mail: Canadian Blood Services calls for funding to boost plasma donations

Posted on: February 1st, 2017 by webmaster

Health Minister Jane Philpott Shows Signs Of “Reconsidering” Blood Policy Decision.

Health Minister Jane Philpott, who has in the past expressed cautious support for paid plasma, said in a statement Tuesday that she has asked Health Canada to “carefully assess” Dr. Sher’s concerns about the Saskatoon clinic’s effect on the voluntary blood-collection system.

“CBS has, for the first time, expressed concern that more of these operations could make it harder to collect volunteer plasma donations,” Dr. Philpott said in an e-mail to The Globe and Mail. “This is a significant change, and one we take very seriously, which is why I have asked Health Canada to carefully assess these concerns and to consult with our provincial and territorial partners in order to inform next steps.”

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