MACLEAN’S Article: Should we pay for blood?

The question of blood-system safety remains a flashpoint in Canada, two decades after the “tainted blood” scandal of the late ’80s and early ’90s. More than 20,000 Canadians became infected with HIV and hepatitis C due to improperly screened blood and plasma from paid donors in Haiti and American skid rows. The tragedy led to […]

CBC News: Paying for blood plasma raises new questions

Health Canada says private clinics may pay donors for plasma, but critics wonder what is behind the push for a major change in policy. (…) Was this the promised public consultation about whether Canadians are okay with the idea that a human blood fluid can be bought and sold? “It wasn’t public, it was a closed […]

CBC News – New Brunswick: BloodWatch fights Moncton pay-for-donation clinic

A company that pays people for blood donation is trying to open a clinic in Moncton. CPR is aiming to open ten clinics across the country in the next few years. The company has been stopped in Ontario and Quebec with laws that ban payment for blood donations but it’s getting a warm reception in […]

The Globe and Mail: Why we shouldn’t pay Canadians to donate blood

In the early 1980s, more than 2,000 Canadians who received blood transfusions were infected with HIV and as many as 30,000 contracted Hepatitis C. This tragic scandal, and the Krever Inquiry that followed, resulted in the overhaul of our blood donation system to ensure the safety of any blood products. This made Canada one of […]

The Star Editorial: Ontario is right to ban paid donations of blood plasma

Blood is a sensitive topic in Canada, and rightly so. About 30,000 Canadians were unknowingly infected with HIV and hepatitis C during the 1980s from tainted blood and plasma they had been assured was safe. Thousands of lives were cut short. Infected blood, purchased from disreputable sources, including derelicts on U.S. skid rows, was at […]

CBC News: Hold approval on paid blood plasma clinics, Ottawa urged

Impact on Canada’s voluntary blood system unclear. Health Canada should hold off on approving blood clinics that pay people for their plasma, Ontario’s health minister says. (…) Blood experts raised concerns about the “slippery slope” that could divert volunteer blood donors to the paid system. You can read the full article on the CBC News […]

The Globe and Mail: It’s beyond time for a clear policy on paying donors for plasma

Canadian Plasma Resources, having failed miserably with its plan to pay plasma donors in Toronto, has now set up shop in Saskatoon. Why Saskatchewan – or any other province, for that matter – would align itself with a company that has a controversial history and business plan is odd, especially given Canada’s painful history with […]

Bob Rae: Why is it taking governments so long to say no to “Pay for Plasma” ?

First, a declaration of experience. I worked for several years as a negotiator for the Canadian Red Cross in after federal and provincial decided to shift responsibility for blood donations to new agencies. That experience led me to work with many wonderful people whose lives were turned upside down by having received tainted blood. The […]