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Global NEWS: Canadian Blood Services suffers decrease in donations

The Canadian Blood Services in Saskatoon has seen a decrease in donations this year. They’re behind their target for 2016 and suggest it’s due to competition with a private plasma clinic. Stu Gooden has the details. The clinic, located on Emerson Avenue, is collecting 126 fewer units of blood per month. They’ve also seen about […]

BREAKING – Canadian Blood Services Says Paid Plasma Clinics Are Harming Voluntary Donations

CEO of CBS speaks out against private-paid plasma clinics. Confirms that they harm the voluntary donor base in Saskatchewan where the private clinic set-up. PLEASE READ CBC’s national news story here.

The Todd Veinotte Show – Why private blood plasma is a terrible step for the safety

December 18, 2016 Executive Director and CoFounder of Kat Lanteigne is on to discuss her group’s opposition towards the opening of a plasma collection clinic in New Brunswick. Listen to the Todd Veinotte Show – Episode 119, the interview on why private blood plasma is a terrible step for the safety and integrity of […]

CBC News New Brunswick: Need for blood donors rises with eligibility changes

Canadian Blood Services tries to expand donor base now that women can’t give blood as often. Canadian Blood Services says it must find 450 new donors a month in New Brunswick because of changes in donor eligibility rules. Starting Dec. 10, women will have to wait at least 12 weeks between blood donations. The interval […]

CTV Alberta Prime Time: Debating Paid-Plasma Clinics

Plasma can be used to make treatments for patients with medical condition like bleeding disorders. The donation process takes about an hour and a half. A company called Canadian Plasma Resources offers $25 per donation. The company recently opened the clinic in Saskatoon, and is expanding within Canada. Advocates against the practice want the company […]

Medicine Hat News: Look to Canada’s history for why we need to be careful with blood supply

Canada’s tainted blood scandal in the 1980s is a distant memory for some and beyond memory for others. That is exactly why we need to be reminded of it and ensure it does not happen again. More than three decades ago about 30,000 Canadians were infected with HIV and hepatitis C as a result of […]

Lethbridge Herald: Protection called for blood system

Canada’s donor-based blood service should not be taken over by an American-style, for-profit industry. That’s the warning being sounded across the nation by the BloodWatch advocacy group. Its spokesperson, Kat Lanteigne, brought the message to Lethbridge this week, at a meeting organized by Friends of Medicare. While Alberta has taken no action to safeguard Canada’s […]

Medicine Hat News: Canadians will lose out big time with for-profit plasma, Hatters told

The lives of Canadians will be at risk if for-profit companies that pay people to give blood are allowed to operate, a Medicine Hat audience was told Tuesday night. Private plasma clinics will not benefit Albertans but will create competition for blood plasma which we will not have access to, says Kat Lanteigne of Canadian […]

Medicine Hat News Guest Column: Blood supplies across Canada must be safeguarded

Private blood brokers are trying to secure a stake in Canada’s blood system in order to make a profit off of our blood plasma and it is putting Canadian lives at risk. Canadian Plasma Resources (CPR) was recently banned from operating in Ontario (Quebec has banned the sale of blood and plasma since 1994). CPR […]


Stop the export of Canadian blood for profit. Every policy has a story. This is our Canadian story. Watch our video. 

The Evan Solomon Radio Interview

March 7, 2016 – Federal Health Minister Admits She has No Idea Where Plasma Will Go. In response to growing opposition, Minister Philpott maintains support for private plasma collection despite not knowing “what the company’s plans are.” Listen to the Evan Solomon Radio Interview.

Global News: Opponents want government to stop paid blood donations

Citing the horrors of the tainted-blood scandal of the 1980s, a group of activists and NDP MPs made a public plea on Monday to Health Minister Jane Philpott, asking for an immediate moratorium on paid blood donations in Canada. The group, led by NDP MP Don Davies, said the recent approval of a licence for a private, paid-donation clinic in […]

Global News: Pay for plasma: Calls for and against it from those affected

Andrew Cumming is a hemophiliac who learned about two decades ago that he had been infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through tainted blood. “It was probably the most loathed and stigmatized disease that anyone had contemplated,” he said of life after his diagnosis. He said he was “gobsmacked” when he learned about Canadian Plasma […]

National Post: Would-be medical exec from Iran barred from Canada over alleged ties to Tehran’s nuclear program

TORONTO — An Iranian who invested more than $1-million in a Toronto-based medical company and was set to become its vice-president has been barred from Canada over his alleged links to Tehran’s nuclear program. The Canada Border Services Agency refused to issue a work permit to Ramin Fallah, 49, labeling him a security threat because […]

CBC FORUM: Should you be allowed to sell your plasma?

Critics, including the federal NDP, say paid blood donations are a step toward privatizing health care and could lead to another tainted blood scandal. In the 1980s, about 2,000 Canadians were infected with HIV and many thousands more were infected with hepatitis C from tainted blood products. The inquiry into the scandal pointed to paid blood donations as […]